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Many homeowners will always have questions regarding their new home, so I have dedicated this portion of my website to homeowners who simply want to "KNOW THEIR HOME". I also strive to keep all my home inspection clients fully informed on just about any concern that would typically arise during their home ownership. This comprehensive list of articles are also printed within my comprehensive Manual (Know Your Home), which every home inspection client will receive with their Home Inspection report. If you are unable to locate specific information pertaining to your home, please email me . I'll gladly research your concern and add the information to this web page. ALL OF MY TOPICS ARE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER AIR QUALITY ALUMINUM BRANCH WIRING ASBESTOS - WHAT IS IT ASBESTOS IN YOUR HOME ASBESTOS HAZARDS ASBESTOS - REMOVING IT ATTIC INSULATION UPGRADE ATTIC VENTILATION CARBON MONOXIDE CARING FOR YOUR HOM