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ITA (FLIR) CERTIFIED THERMOGRAPHER Wouldn’t you just love to have the ability to actually observe what’s going on behind those finished walls and ceilings of your existing or prospective home? Well, with today’s outstanding technology, I am now able to make this possible for all my clients. As part of my on-going commitment to reliability, I am now offering a valuable preventive and predictive maintenance option. It’s called…Infrared Inspections, also known as Thermal Imaging. There is so much information regarding this spectacular technology that I’m going to break this down into sections in order for you to fully understand infrared technology, and its uses and applications. Thermal imaging (IR) is highly advanced technology that was originally developed by our high tech military for use in enhancing night vision in advanced weapons systems during the Korean War. It was used extensively by our ground forces for general theatre scanning, target acquisition and sighting enemy obje