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Selling Your Home?

So you've decided to place your home on the market. I'll bet you have a lot of fond memories inside those walls. It'll be tough letting those memories go, but life moves on and so do homes. Your home means a lot to you and I know that you'd like to obtain the highest price possible in the shortest amount of time while it's on the market. Let me tell you how you can easily obtain full asking price for your home. The biggest mistake that most Sellers often make is waiting for the buyers home inspection day to assess the condition of their home. One of the main reasons that home purchase transactions fall apart is due to defects that materialize during the course of the buyers home inspection. Every buyer has a personal perspective as to which types of defects constitute deal breakers. Some buyers are not deterred by issues as large as major foundation cracks, while others will run from seemingly routine disclosures. Some walk away at the mere mention of asbestos in th

Purchasing a home?

Locating any defects now is crucial because buying that home does not give you a money-back guarantee a buyer receives with most purchases. There's no return policy if you're not satisfied with your recently purchased home. Once you buy a home, you're on your own to maintain it, repair it, anticipate problems and pay all the bills. This is why it's best to know as much as you can about potential problems now, before you make the big commitment to buy. I know you have a lot going through your mind right now, as any home buying process can be quite nerve racking. Relax, allow me to give you peace of mind and help you remove the risks and anxiety of making one of the biggest investment decisions in your life. I'll make your home buying process a lot less stressful by keeping you well informed of the present conditions of your prospective home. Not only am I focused on protecting your best interests, but in providing you with expert and competent information about your