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Infrared (Thermal) Imaging in Massachusetts

There are many building envelope issues that can generate significant heat loss, which causes energy dollars to be wasted in a not-so-tight home. And with the rising costs of heating fuels today, keeping a not-so-tight home comfortably warm can be very costly. Homeowners now have the opportunity to reduce their exorbitant monthly heating bills caused from our New England freezing winter months. A good place to start would be a professional Infrared (thermal) Home-Energy Efficiency Inspection. An Infrared Home-Energy Efficiency Inspection is the use of an infrared (thermal) imaging camera that can actually "see" and "measure" thermal energy emitted from the walls, ceilings and floors of a home. It’s simply a non-invasive tool that is used to see what’s actually going on inside many living area walls, ceilings and floors. If there’s cold air infiltrating into a warm room, my infrared camera will sense this temperature difference that is transferring to the most inner