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Energy Efficiency (Heat and Energy Loss)

I know everyone works very hard for their money (in order to pay the bills), but what you don't realize is how much of your hard earned energy dollars are actually slipping right through the cracks of your home. Keeping your home at a comfort level (by conditioning it) can be very costly. I know everyone would like to reduce their energy bills in our freezing winter months and then again, in the summer cooling months? Well, a good place to start would be a professional infrared home-energy efficiency inspection. My infrared inspection will actually show you where you are wasting your hard earned energy dollars, and at the same time, I will demonstate how you can properly seal those areas that are pulling your energy dollars to the outside of your house. There are many building envelope anomalies that can generate significant heat and air conditioning loss, which causes your energy dollars to be wasted in a not-so-tight home. Sources of Air Leakage in a Typical Home My