Thursday, November 12, 2009

Welcome to my blog site...Massachusetts Home Inspections

I decided to create this blog in order to keep home Buyers and Sellers informed, regarding the present condition of their home. My name is David Valley and I am the owner and founder of Massachusetts Home Inspections,LLC. I have performed over 3,000 home inspections throughout the East Coast. I enjoy assisting home owners in determining the present condition of their home. The first thing I would like to do is to sell myself to all homeowners. I will then utilize this blog to periodically post information concerning your home. Please enjoy my Blog. If you hhave any questions, whatsoever...Please email me.

When your making a financial commitment of purchasing or selling your Massachusetts home, your best judgment is to rely on the analysis of a skilled professional Home Inspector. I can afford you that expert opinion. I have the trained eye and experience needed to look for visual signs of defects within any home. I'm also committed to providing you with the highest level of professional service in the home inspection industry.

My standards are always among the highest in the industry and meet or exceed every standard set by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and iNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors). I have the training and experience to accurately assess the condition of any home, and possess the communication skills to clearly describe the inspection results to you. Through my commitment, experience, and expertise I will establish and personalize a business relationship with every one of my clients that will last for as long as you own your home.

I will slowly and methodically walk you through your home and fully educate you on all of its features to help you understand your property. I will assess those areas where upgrades or replacements may be necessary and screen for those costly defects and safety issues that could lead to problems in your future living conditions. I'll locate those areas that need attention now and at the same time you'll have the opportunity to ask me questions while we view and consider the object of your investment together.

As an added Bonus; along with every Home Inspection report, I will include a complimentary 64 page home information & maintenance manual "Know Your Home" that I have personally written for all my clients. This guide contains invaluable information that will explain in detail almost every concern that you may have pertaining to your new property. This comprehensive manual has all the answers and is a must for every homeowner.

Before you invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a Massachusetts Home Inspection; be sure you hire Massachusetts Home Inspections, LLC to verify that your home does not contain major defects that could cost you thousands of dollars after you move in. I am State licensed; Nationally Certified and Fully Insured. I can and will reduce the risk of any major or expensive surprises that may happen after you take ownership of your new home.

Please browse my site for all the information you'll ever need concerning your upcoming Massachusetts Home Inspection.
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