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Welcome to my blog site...Massachusetts Home Inspections

I decided to create this blog in order to keep home Buyers and Sellers informed, regarding the present condition of their home. My name is David Valley and I am the owner and founder of Massachusetts Home Inspections,LLC. I have performed over 3,000 home inspections throughout the East Coast. I enjoy assisting home owners in determining the present condition of their home. The first thing I would like to do is to sell myself to all homeowners. I will then utilize this blog to periodically post information concerning your home. Please enjoy my Blog. If you hhave any questions, whatsoever...Please email me.

When your making a financial commitment of purchasing or selling your Massachusetts home, your best judgment is to rely on the analysis of a skilled professional Home Inspector. I can afford you that expert opinion. I have the trained eye and experience needed to look for visual signs of defects within any home. I'm also committed to providing you with the highest level of profes…

Purchasing a home with lead paint

Lead has been mined, smelted, and compounded for thousands of years. Lead is a neurotoxin metallic element that was historically used in paint, gasoline and plumbing materials for many years. Lead was easy to work with for a variety of purposes, which is why mining and smelting of lead has caused millions of tons to be spread into our environment. Lead poisoning occurs only when too much lead accumulates in the body.
Generally, lead poisoning occurs slowly, resulting from the gradual accumulation of lead in bone and tissue after repeated exposure. However, it is important to note that young children absorb 50% of a lead ingestion while adults absorb only 10%. Pregnant women should be especially cautious of lead exposure. The presence of lead dust can cause difficulties during pregnancy. Lead enters the bloodstream and can pass the placental barrier from the mother to the unborn child. The fetus can then be poisoned before birth.
Lead is very dangerous for children under the age of six…

Termites and how to monitor your home


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Of all Wood Boring insects, Termites are definitely the most damaging wood destroying insects out there. Did you know that the average single-family home has as many as three to four termite colonies beneath it (and each colony contains as many as 1 million winged residents). It's very important to prevent these colonies from attacking your home and causing extensive structural damage.

Termites must remain in moist areas in order to survive (which I will get into more detail next). Once they arrive into an open space they build mud tunnels in order to remain in a moist environment. The smallest of cracks in your foundation -- usually a basement or concrete slab -- is enough for those sneaky little termites to gain entry into your home. They will utilize the cracks to gain access to the wood framing because it's much ea…

Infrared (Thermal) Imaging in Massachusetts

There are many building envelope issues that can generate significant heat loss, which causes energy dollars to be wasted in a not-so-tight home. And with the rising costs of heating fuels today, keeping a not-so-tight home comfortably warm can be very costly. Homeowners now have the opportunity to reduce their exorbitant monthly heating bills caused from our New England freezing winter months. A good place to start would be a professional Infrared (thermal) Home-Energy Efficiency Inspection.

An Infrared Home-Energy Efficiency Inspection is the use of an infrared (thermal) imaging camera that can actually "see" and "measure" thermal energy emitted from the walls, ceilings and floors of a home. It’s simply a non-invasive tool that is used to see what’s actually going on inside many living area walls, ceilings and floors. If there’s cold air infiltrating into a warm room, my infrared camera will sense this temperature difference that is transferring to the most inner …